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Cass Kickstart to Careers Program, Cassopolis Public School District

How the Program Works

A deposit-only, interest-bearing, $25 account is funded by Cass Kickstart to Careers and opened upon enrollment for each incoming Kindergarten student at Cassopolis Public Schools.

Students transferring into Cassopolis (in years after Kindergarten) will fully participate in the program with the exception of the initial $25 Kindergarten deposit.

First Thursday (of the month) Deposit Days are held, and students are encouraged to make a deposit to their account.  The practice of regular monthly deposits is far more important than the amount of the deposit. Families may also set up direct deposits into their child’s account through Circle Federal Credit Union.

Additional $5 rewards are provided to Kindergarten through 3rd grade students when they are selected as the Golden Ticket or Kindness Winners of their classroom.

Once a student advances to 4th grade, a 4th through 8th grade plan has been put into place to reward the students for reaching specific educational goals as well as participating in career building and awareness exercises and making regular deposits.  Each 4th grade student has the opportunity to earn an additional $40 into their account.  Each 5th grade student $50. And $60, $70, and $80 for each 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student.

The Kickstart to Careers program will offer additional matching deposit opportunities throughout the year.

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For additional information please refer to Program Rules and FAQS.