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On October 9 at the monthly board meeting of Cass Kickstart, Joannie Murray of the Diamond Lake Association presented a check for $1,500 to Margie Yarger, Board President.

The Diamond Lake Association has long focused on overseeing the health and safety of the lake, including water quality, invasive weed control, boater education, and certification. In addition, since 2022 “Diamond Better” has been the focus of the association by promoting community events both on the lake and in the Village of Cassopolis and through communication on many platforms has established itself as the voice of the lake. Through these many volunteer efforts in 2023, they were able to donate a portion of event proceeds to Cass Kickstart to Careers.

Cass Kickstart to Careers was organized to create, promote, support, and fund child savings accounts for students of the Cassopolis Public Schools. They work in conjunction with the schools to provide an environment that sends a message to all students that they have the potential and support needed for academic success and economic mobility. Children’s savings accounts are long-term, incentivized savings accounts that provide our children with a pathway toward long-term educational attainment and economic empowerment. Run by a volunteer board, Cass Kickstart partners with other local organizations including Circle Federal Credit Union and Southwestern Michigan College. Several area businesses and individuals have made a five-year financial pledge to Cass Kickstart.

If you or your business would like to become a proud supporter of Cass Kickstart, you can contact a board member at Additional information can be found on our website at