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Cassopolis kindergarteners to get a kickstart this September

Cass Kickstart to Careers is an exciting new approach to helping students prepare for their future. All incoming Cassopolis Public Schools Kindergarten students will receive an interest-bearing savings account with an initial deposit of $25 (from monies provided by community donors). Throughout each student’s school career, additional deposits can be made by the student, his/her family, community sponsors, foundations or other donors, to create a fund for post-secondary education. The program will be launched next month by a partnership consisting of the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation, Cassopolis Public Schools. Circle Federal Credit Union, and the Cass Kickstart Committee.

The purpose of the funds is to kickstart career planning. As students watch their funds grow over the years, they will be planning their future. Along with the addition and growth of each student’s fund, age-appropriate programming will assist students in learning the importance and value in continuing their education after high school graduation. Additional donations may be awarded when a student meets achievement or attendance goals. Upon graduation, funds can be withdrawn by the student and used for college, trade school, or skill training. The student accounts were originally owned and managed by the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation and maintained individually for each student. They are now owned and managed by Circle Federal Credit Union in Cassopolis, Michigan.

Research shows that children with (Child Savings Accounts) CSAs are 4 times more likely to pursue post-secondary education. There is no limit to the amount that family members or community donors may deposit into a child’s CSA account.

The Cass Kickstart Committee will be working with local community members as well as outside funding sources to assure a steady stream of funding to be invested to fulfill this commitment for years to come. Click on these links to view Program Rules and Frequently Asked Questions.

Individuals interested in providing support to Cass Kickstart to Careers can make donations to the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation with the notation of Cass Kickstart to Careers.

Questions regarding the Cass Kickstart to Careers initiative can be asked of committee members: Ruth Andrews, Torie Conner, Becky Moore, Felomina Patton, Carmen
Peake, Jim Ward, Donna Warren, and Margie Yarger. You can also email with your questions.