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Cass Kickstart to Careers Program, Cassopolis Public School District


The Cass Kickstart to Careers Program supports the promotion and creation of Children’s Savings Accounts (CSA) with additional incentives to grow these accounts through the student’s elementary and secondary education. These accounts are held at Circle Federal Credit Union for all incoming Kindergarten students in the Cassopolis Public Schools. This program has goals and outcomes in support of successful academic and life outcomes for children. Cass Kickstart supports and improves financial literacy in the students and their families, leading to improved prosperity in the future.

Program Rules

Cass Kickstart Child Savings Accounts (CSA) are opened and maintained by Circle Federal Credit Union to help Cassopolis Public Schools (CPS) students save for college. A CSA account will be maintained automatically for the benefit of individual students enrolled in Kindergarten at Cassopolis Public Schools.

Cass Kickstart to Careers
c/o Circle Federal Credit Union
1050 E. State Street
Cassopolis, MI 49031



“Laura and I are happy to support this program because it promotes early thinking about careers and educational attainment.

With 70% of jobs requiring some kind of post-secondary credential by 2030, this program is timely and will no doubt change the lives of many for the better.”

Dr. Joe Odenwald, President
Southwestern Michigan College

The Cass Kickstart program is an incredible opportunity for our students at Sam Adams Elementary! Our students enjoy earning pennies to add to their piggy banks! Kickstart also provides incentives for students who earn the monthly Golden Ticket or the Kindness Award for their classroom each month! Students can save money for their future while being rewarded for their good behavior today. We are so thankful for the Kickstart board as well as all of the donors! Thank you for investing in our future!

Tammi Preston, Principal
Sam Adams Elementary

“I can’t say enough concerning the partnership we have with Cass Kickstart!  Teaching children the value of saving over time helps them understand the benefit of post-secondary education.  Our partnership illustrates the level of commitment made to enriching our children and community!

I appreciate the guidance and everything you are doing to keep this program in our building!”

Deb Stermer, Former Principal
Cassopolis Public Schools
Sam Adams Elementary

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